Always to the better and to the indefinite satisfaction with Sevimli Deri...

With the brand SEVIMLI DERI, we started production in Izmir in 1967. Our factory has 12.500 Sqmt closed area. The annual production capacity is 600,000 Sqmt of finished leather for shoes and bags. Our production is carried out with high-quality process of goat, lamb and baby calf leathers. As SEVIMLI DERI, we always aimed to produce better than the previous day in quality, considering the continuous customer satisfaction, high quality and standarts as our most important principles. At our showrooms in Istanbul/Turkey and Milano/Italy, we fulfill leather needs of Europe’s and Far East's major shoe and bag brands. We are meeting our customers every year at the exhibitions Lineapelle Milano and APLF Hong Kong to present our new season products.



As SEVIMLI DERI, our primary target is to produce quality leather which is proper to our existing, targeted and in-company customers.

We aim to be a leader international brand with the power of education and discipline without being apart from the technology and developments in the understanding of team work. We consider quality not as an acchieved and conserved but as a renewed and reformed target.

We believe the power of team soul, common synergy and a fair work environment. We prioritize business ethics in all of our activities and we work on the principle of supplying best quality product & service by determining customers needs in the best way and icreasing their satisfaction continuously.

We determine our company strategy by identifying the needs and the expectations of the market and by defining quality as the company’s future assurance, accepting the human resource as the main source of the company, together with our educated personnel and with our precise business understanding.

In the direction of these interiorized principles, our major target is; 

• To supply our goods and services in environmental, social and quality responsibility convenient to the integrated management system and by applying labor health and safety standarts.

• To create a business atmosphere which is safe and healty for our workers and to prevent the business accidents by clarifying the possible risks and taking them under control.

• To determine the possible risks in regards of job security and worker’s health and to have these risks under control for all employees as well as other related parties to ensure a safe & healthy work environment and to prevent injuries.

• To control and reduce the pollution from the source , identifying environmental risks and impacts and reducing and controlling the waste management as well as use of natural resources

• All activities, performing legal responsibilities in accordance with regulatory requirements and other employees, suppliers, visitors and also ensure the active participation in these studies,

• To use all sources to improve the Integrated Management System continuously.


We are aware of standart quality in product and service.
We have a staff who internalized professional working.
We have a rich product range ever increasing.
We follow the trends, and we direct our production accordingly.
We use the latest technology equipment to increase the productivity.